Laboratory Facilities

SONY DSC Wave Basin

Specifications: 20m x 5.3m x 1m wave basin complete with a random-type computer-controlled wave generator

SONY DSC  Wave Flume

Specifications: 2 nos. 18m x 0.7m x 0.9 m wave flume complete with a piston-type wave generator, wave absorber, and adjustable carriageway






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Laboratory Equipments

SONY DSC Current Meter

Type:  Infinity-EM Model AEM-USB, JFE Advantech Co. Ltd (Japan)

Ø  Measurement mode: Continuous & Burst

Ø  Measurement Interval: 0.1 – 600 sec

Ø  Sampling Number: 1 – 18000 data

Ø  Sensor specification: Velocity (0 -500cm/sec), Direction (0-3600), Temperature (-5 to 450c)

Ø  Weight: 1kg

Ø  Software: Windows XP and Windows Vista


SONY DSC OBS-3A Turbidity and Temperature Monitoring System


Type: Campbell Scientific Inc OBS-3A Turbidity and Temperature Monitoring System



Ø  Measurement range: Turbidity (0.4 to 4000 NTU), Pressure (0 -200m), Temperature (00 to 350C), Conductivity (0 to 65mS/cm).

Ø  OBS Sensor : 5Hz

Ø  Maximum size sample : 2048

Ø  Sampling rate: 1 to 25Hz

Ø  Maximum Data Rate : 25Hz

Ø  Weight : 1.5kg

Ø  Software : OBS-3A Utility


 dome-adcp Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP)


Type: Aquadopp Nortek Profiler 1MHz

Ø  1MHz standard head (3 beams)

Ø  Acoustic frequency : 12-20m

Ø  Maximum Profiling Range : 12-20MHz

Ø  Cell size : 0.3-4m

Ø  Velocity range : +/- 10m/s

Ø  Software : Aquapro

Ø  Accessories: Frame for bottom deployment. Barnacle 53, a compact trawl-resistant seafloor platform 1.35m diameter.


SONY DSC Water Level TROLL Instruments


Type: In Situ Water Level TROLL500 (1 unit) , 100 (3 units)  and BaroTROLL (1 unit)


Ø  Level TROLL 500 : Pressure sensor (30 psia-500psia), Temperature sensor (+/- 0.1 to 0.010c)

Ø  Level TROLL 100: Pressure sensor (30 psia -100psia), Temperature sensor (+/- 0.1 to 0.010c)

Ø  BaroTROLL: Pressure Sensor (0-16.5psi), Temperature sensor (+/- 0.1 to 0.010c)

Ø  Accessories : Docking station for Level TROLL 100