Syariah-Compliant Automated Chicken Processing System

  • An automated monitoring and control system
  • Capability of storing the status data in the database up to one month
  • Using modern vision inspection system to verify cut is halal
  • Industrial Collaborator: Mumtaz Meat & Marine Foods Sdn Bhd, Ayam 3P Sdn Bhd

Intelligent Diagnostics Of Power Transformer (ADAPT)

  • Intelligent diagnostic of power transformer with comprehensive database management system
  • Advance warning and early detection of faults
  • Industrial Collaborator:Tenaga Nasional Bhd

KENALKAYU – Automatic Tropical Wood Recognition System

  • State-of-the-art pattern recognition technology
  • Equipped with a database of more than 100 important tropical wood species obtained from authentic source.
  • Lighting exposure from environment automatically controlled
  • Received patent in 2012
  • Industrial Collaborator: – Forest Research Institute of Malaysia

Retrofit Electronic Control Unit For Small Carbureted Engines (Retrofit ECU)

  • Replace carburettor with fuel injection system.
  • Can reduce fuel usage by 20%, suppress exhaust emission by up to 47% with 80% improvement in power delivery.
  • Industrial Collaborator:  Apt Touch Sdn. Bhd, Zecttron Sdn. Bhd.

SESAK TM – A Crowd Simulation Software

  • Useful tool to study crowd behaviours and patterns for effective crowd management.
  • Simulate crowd movement in 2-D & 3-D view.
  • Allow customised space/environment design and various viewing angles.
  • Industrial Collaborator:  Prasarana Bhd.

Precision Farming – Autonomous Robot Positioning System

  • Small robot designed to perform autonomous monitoring operation in chicken farms
  • Cameras provide quick situational awareness of a chicken shed

Perceptual Robotics

  • Studies problems related to autonomous navigation and mapping for mobile robots in a priori unknown environments
  • Aims to allow the mobile robots with the ability to autonomously navigate and map their environment, while maintaining their robustness against parameter uncertainties.
  • Research works include the Dynamic Region Boundary-Based Control Scheme for an Underwater Vehicle and Geometric Formation Control of Multiple Autonomous Underwater Vehicles

Bio-Inspired Inchworm/Leech Robot For Soft Hand Application

  • Contribute to a highly development of a better biologically inspired robot
  • Can be used as robot hand and for inspection (e.g: in-pipe inspection for investigation purposes)
  • Industrial Collaborator: Animosta Studios Sdn. Bhd

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)

  • AGV is a reliable Automated Guided Vehicle to deliver goods from one location to another automatically.
  • Suitable to be used in production line, store, office, or any working environments where routine point-to-point deliveries are required
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Industrial Collaborator:  DF Automation Sdn. Bhd

Compact Rehabilitation Robot

  • Different modular units for different kind of training movements to fit patient’s needs
  • Virtual reality to motivate the patient to train their motor function while exercising
  • Integration of Malaysia’s local attraction to familiarizes and motivate patients
  • Industrial Collaborator:  National Stroke Association of Malaysia