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University Laboratory Management Centre (PPMU)

UTM Kuala Lumpur


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Our Functions

  • To be recognized at the international level as a laboratory which provide world-class science & engineering research and teaching services.
  • To provide a quality laboratory services for analysis, scientific and engineering testing, advisory services for students, researchers and community by using latest equipment with competent and committed manpower.

Our Team

Rohana Binti Sarip

Rohana Binti Sarip

Engineer (J41)

Head of Engineers

Email: rohanasarip@utm.my

Mohd Ferdaus Md Nor

Mohd Ferdaus Md Nor

Science Officer (C41)

Head of Service Lab Unit

Email: m.ferdaus@utm.my

Heads of Unit

Noor Aniza Ghazali

Noor Aniza Ghazali

Assistant Vocational Officer (DV29)

Head of Mechanical Unit

Email: nooraniza@utm.my

Misastika Binti Mislan

Misastika Binti Mislan

Assistant Vocational Officer (DV36)

Head of Electrical Unit

Email: misastika.kl@utm.my

Mohd Nor Aszuan Bin Mohd Ya'acob

Mohd Nor Aszuan Bin Mohd Ya'acob

Assistant Engineer (J29)

Head of Civil Eng. & IT Unit

Email: aszuan.kl@utm.my