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February 2020
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Vision & Mission



To be recognised as a world-class centre of academic and technological excellence



To be a leader in the development of human capital and innovative technologies that will contribute to the nation’s wealth creation


Our Philosophy

The divine law of Allah is the foundation for science and technology. UTM strives with total and unified effort to attain excellence in science and technology for universal peace and prosperity in accordance with His will.


Institutional Values


1 Committed
The value suggests that a person should have high determination in handling his work responsibly, either on a personal basis or in groups, according to his authority level and role as specified by the employer. Thus, UTM staff should develop and enhance his commitment by focusing his mind and energy to conduct his responsibility as an employee based on the required knowledge, expertise and values.
2 Communicative
Communication allows people to adapt themselves in organizations and societies. Knowledge and ability to communicate, ethically, is one of the traits of a professional and successful staff. Thus, all UTM staff should be ready and able to communicate at all levels in contributing ideas, making decisions and sharing of experiences using various strategies and communication techniques to enhance his professionalism.
3 Creative
Creativity is the catalyst for performance development and excellence. UTM staff should be creative in exploiting new, original and practical ideas that have high values in respective fields of expertise from time to time.
4 Consistent
Image and reputation of an organization is created through consistent long term planning processes. Consistent with UTM’s vision and mission, all staff is expected to be consistent in carrying the policies according to the principles.
5 Competent
Competency in each individual assures his success in conducting required tasks. All staff must be competent in his field of work and responsibilities conceptually, technically and socially. The value enables a person to be efficient as an individual, a member of a group or organization.

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